Fish passage technologies

Since the establishment of the IFRG in 2006, we have helped deliver successful fish passage outcomes in Myanmar, Lao PDR, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Germany, and Australia.


Effective fish passage technologies = healthy inland fisheries = food, income and biodiversity

  • Fish passage refers to fish having an unimpeded pathway to move between two habitats.
  • In situations where the habitat access for fish has been compromised by the installation of a physical structure such as a culvert, fish passage can be restored by managing flow conditions to support fish passage through the structure.
  • Fish passage can also be restored by constructing a fish pass facility, such as a fish ladder, to enable fish to swim around the physical barrier.
  • There are many different types of fish ladders available to suit a range of contexts (e.g. barriers of different heights, sites subjected to differing changes in water level etc.) and various species with differing swimming abilities.
  • Some of the more common types include vertical slot fishways, submerged orifice fishways, and cone fishways.
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