The life-cycle requirements of inland fish

Since the establishment of the IFRG in 2006, we have helped deliver successful fish passage outcomes in Myanmar, Lao PDR, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Germany, and Australia.


Healthy inland fisheries = food, income and biodiversity

  • Healthy inland fisheries strengthen food security, support livelihoods, and preserve biodiversity.
  • To support the health of our inland fisheries, we need to ensure that fish can access various river and/or floodplain habitats with adequate food supplies, suitable spawning grounds, and safe conditions for their young to grow and mature into adults.
  • We need to be particularly considerate of species that undertake regular migrations up and down rivers and/or laterally between river and floodplain habitats to complete their life-cycles.
  • Without maintaining suitable habitat access for fish, we risk jeopardising the health of our inland fisheries, and in turn, the food security, livelihood and biodiversity benefits that they provide.
Image of The life-cycle requirements of inland fish

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